Grampa Gilmans

Time tested for 4 generations, our whole family uses this great product for much more than just our hands today.

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Our Story

It all started in 1920.

Homestead of my grandparents, Leslie and Florence Gilman, in Randolph, VT

Our Story

The first generation.

My Grampa Leslie Gilman with Gram Florence.

Our Story

A day with friends and family.

My mom, Alice, standing behind the windmill with her parents directly behind her.

Our Story

The next generation.

My mom, Alice, next to the youngest, with her siblings.

Our Story

Fixing the tractor.

My Grampa Gilman with daughter Alice, my mom.

Our Story

The Hay Wagon.

Grampa Gilman tows some hay in the early 40's.

Our Story

The third generation.

Here I am, in the middle. Sister Barb on right and sister Bette on left .

Our Story

Me and my husband Charlie.

Celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary and the success of Grampa Gilman's.


In the beginning there was Grampa, Leslie Arthur Gilman, a hardworking Vermont dairy farmer. The family farm located in Randolph Center was owned and operated by Leslie and Florence from the early 1920's until 1951. Milking several head of jersey cows twice daily, with other farm chores, hands were exposed to the elements. Fingertips would crack and bleed, being sore and even painful. Grampa being a man of few words but with great wisdom put together the skin care that is made today. Time tested 4 generations, our whole family uses this great product for much more than hands today.

Protect, soothe and promote healing of your dry, cracked, chapped skin from head to toe with Grampa Gilman's all natural Skin Care.