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Testimonials from Happy Grampa Gilman's Customers

I am a physician, washing my hands many times a day. The skin cracks and becomes painful, especially in the winter. I have tried many products over the years, but nothing works like Grampa Gilman’s, to heal the cracks, and it works quickly. It is absolutely the best.
-Ivan Lowenthal, MD, Connecticut

I enjoy being in the garden and working the soil with my bare hands. The soil can dry my hands, leaving them with sore cracks. Grampa Gilman's Skin Care is the best product ever for healing the cracks on my hands. I wouldn't be without it.
-P. Bonanomi, CT

As a telephone worker my hands would get cold and cracked in the winter. At times it was painful to splice the wires. I have used Grampa Gilman's hand care for years and it is the only product that really works . I would recommend it to anybody with dry cracked hands.
-J. Dimick, New Hampshire

"I run a janitorial supply service…my hands are in de-greasers and harsh chemicals. They end up splitting and bleeding. I tried Grampa’s and it is an excellent product."
-D. Torrey,  Massachusetts


"This is the first winter in 70 years that I have gone without band-aids on my thumbs, thanks to Grampa’s…"  
-G. Frick, New Hampshire


"I’m a mailman in the Boston Area and I haven’t seen anything that works as good as your product. My hands thank you."
-F. Russell Jr., Massachusetts


"Grampa Gilman’s Skin Care is absolutely remarkable. I’ve been looking for years for relief from my dry and chapped hands. Never before have they felt so good."
-V. Kulas, Connecticut


"I am a construction worker and work with a lot of concrete…summer and winter outside… I would just like to let you know that I love that hand care. It really works for me…"
-L. Staples, Vermont


"I have had very bad cracked fingertips in the winter, but since I’ve been using Grampa Gilman’s Skin Care the problem is gone. This is one product that I will be sure to recommend. Thanks for the great service on my order."
-S. Kibby, New Hampshire


"Tried on athlete’s foot, and after a few weeks it cleared up the skin peel tendency, and the skin between toes looked and felt more normal than it had in forty years."
-C. Sprague, Massachusetts


"Working in hydraulic oil, my hands, fingertips and knuckles split so much…my doctor recommended that I have my knuckles stitched. With its [Grampa’s] use, my hands are now painless. God Bless Grampa and his Granddaughter."
-R. Nield Sr., Connecticut


"It’s the greatest thing for chapped hands I have ever found!"
-W. German, South Carolina


"It is absolutely wonderful! My husband is a building contractor and his hands crack and bleed …your product has softened his skin and has helped tremendously."
-E. Fuller, Massachusetts


"We are thrilled with the results of using your hand care…"
-M. Stumpfrock, Pennsylvania


"Treatments for skin cancer left me with open sores and severe burns. The pain was unbearable and I was prescribed antibiotic and analgesic creams, but nothing helped.  I decided to try Grampa Gilman’s. Within a short time my lips were healing and the pain was diminishing. I’ve used this product for everything from water proofing my favorite boots to healing post-surgical wounds…I will always have at least two tins of Grampa Gilman’s in my home."
M. Downing, Hawaii


"My son has had severe eczema since he was 2 years old. He is now 15. We tried Grampa’s…this is the first time in his life he has had 100% relief from this very annoying skin affliction. [He] is off steroid creams...Your skin care product is certainly more affective on his eczema."
-S. Hawk, New Hampshire


"I have had cracked hands for years from washing glasses as a bartender. I used Grampa Gilman’s for two days and knew I had something that really works!"
-J. Rennard, New Jersey


"I am a surgeon…in spite of intense care and various medicines…I had increasing skin problems for years with my hands and lower arms….I was temporarily disabled.  Grampa Gilman’s caused a fast surprising recovery… by regular use...I have hardly any symptoms of this problem any more...The skin on my hands is again, like decades ago, smooth, soft, firm, and strong. I can only highly and warmly recommend the use of Grampa Gilman’s Skin Care."
-Dr. R. Wahl, Germany (Translated from German by Annalis S.)


"I developed a skin infection as a result of an allergic reaction…Conventional treatment did not seem to help… I tried your skin care product and the results were remarkable."
-A. Molton, England


"Your Gramps product scores! The Best!"
-L. Dunn, Vermont


"It has been the only cream that has helped my severe hand problem (cracking and splitting)."
-H. Sandfort, Maine


"The product really works on a rash I get on my fingers."
-R. Stratton, Massachusetts

Protect, soothe and promote healing of your dry, cracked, chapped skin from head to toe with Grampa Gilman's all natural Skin Care.