Grampa Gilmans

Grampa Gilman's Frequently Asked Questions

When trying a new product, it is always recommended to try on a small area of the skin first.

A: Tip Grampa Gilman's Skin Care out of the tin.  Rub on those dry skin areas and massage in.  You will love the massage and your skin will love Grampa's.
A: Yes. Grampa Gilman's Skin Care products are all-natural and safe for children.
A: Yes,   Skin may get thinner as we age.  We suggest that an amount of Grampa Gilman's Skin Care be softened with hands first then applied gently. If other prescribed skin creams are being used, you may want to check with your physician before trying a new product.  
A: No.  Grampa Gilman's Skin Care absorbs quickly.  However, if you have oily skin, it may not seem like it is penetrating due to the oils your skin naturally produces. 
A: 3 months to a year depending on how often you use it. Skin may need more applications depending on the time of year. We have had customers tell us that they have the same piece for two years or more.  We say that's long enough! Start a campfire with the old piece, and buy yourself a new one!
A: As often as necessary. With regular use- two to three times daily- you should see results in a week.  Continue to use as often as needed to keep skin to desired comfort level.  Please let us know how it works for you.  We love hearing from our customers.
A: We have customers that have used it with great success on  their eczema.  (See testimonials)
A: Absolutely.  One word of caution, your feet will become so soft they might be slippery.  Apply, then put on your socks. We suggest you use before bed and tuck yourself in under the covers.  Sweet dreams!
A: Yes, he is the real deal. Me, too.  I am Leslie's granddaughter, owner/producer of Grampa Gilman's Skin Care.  My mother was one of five children born to Leslie and Florence Gilman.  The illustration on the label was drawn from a photo taken of my grampa when he was a dairy farmer in Randolph, VT.   His fingertips would become sore, cracked and would even bleed from milking cows and from doing other farm chores.   He made and used what we continue to make today.  It worked for him! It healed his fingertips and softened his hands.  Our family has used this product for four generations and felt it appropriate to name the product Grampa Gilman's Skin Care after him.

Protect, soothe and promote healing of your dry, cracked, chapped skin from head to toe with Grampa Gilman's all natural Skin Care.